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Help for the stuck places in your life


Friction removing... Gap bridging... Momentum building... Ease creating…


I support entrepreneurs and other out of the box thinkers who are stuck or struggling to do what they already know they need to do. 


I help you to remove inner friction and bridge outer gaps between where you are and where you want to go so you can build inner momentum and transform that into outer action to move forward with ease. 


By offering fresh perspectives, deep listening, bold insights, clear vision, compassionate accountability, and an integrative approach to strategy, I provide the support you need to get unstuck, move forward, and achieve your goals. 


• Are YOU ready to remove the friction and start making your vision a reality?


• Take the first step, and tell me about where you're headed... or stuck...

• Want to hear more? Stay in touch! Contact us.


About us...   

Anne E. Shuman is a transformational practitioner who brings 20+ years of experience in the human potential and personal development fields as a coach and hypnotist to support her clients in creating the life they want. She marries intuitive wisdom and spacious process with practical strategy and effective action to help her clients neutralize obstacles, achieve goals, and cultivate bold growth. She loves diving deep with everyone she serves and has a particular affinity for working with ADHD/neurodiverse and LGBTQ+ individuals -- or anyone who has found that the "right" way isn’t actually right for them. 


Mindset                   Purpose                   Vision                 Results

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